3 x Realistic dreamcatchers temporary tattoos

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3 x Realistic dreamcatchers temporary tattoos

3 x Realistic dreamcatchers temporary tattoos by maingriz

Choosing a Tattoo is a difficult task. You need to find something that you will enjoy looking at for the rest of your life. In the opposite case, it can turn into one of your biggest regrets. With us, you don’t have to regret anything. A tattoo that only lasts 1 week is the best of both worlds. Don’t limit yourself and go as crazy as you want! You get the experience of a real tattoo with none of the drawbacks.


All our Designs are unique and made by professional designers


The size will depend on the design on the temporary tattoo.

The little ones: 1 in / 2,5 cm

Medium sizes: 3 in / 7 cm

The biggest pieces: 11 in / 29 cm



How to apply :


1.Clean and dry the skin completely.

2.Choose a pattern, peel away the plastic sheet, place the pattern face down on skin and cover with wet sponge for 20-30 seconds

3.Carefully remove the back paper, now you have a beautiful temporary tattoos.



How do i put them on :


Remove the clear plastic sheet, lay face down. With a wet cloth, gently tamp the backside of the tattoo until it is entirely wet. Gently pull back the paper backing. Let dry completely.



How long do these tattoos last :


3-5 days if you regularly wash it but up to two weeks if you’re careful with it.



How to Remove :


Dab tattoo with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

Wait for 10 seconds,then rub gently and repeatedly again until removed.



Shipping details :


We offer FREE shipping worldwide.

Our products are shipped from France.


US : 5-7 Business days

EU : 3-5 Business days

Rest of World : 1-2 weeks







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