About Us

We are the MAINGRIZ team,

A team of professional designers specialized in the tattoo style for many years. We grew quickly after launching our first website dedicated to tattoo design personalization in 2013.

We collaborate with international artists on many projects such as print, illustration, flash tattoo and clothing brand ...

Today on TATTOODESIGNSTOCK.com we offer drawings straight out of our imagination. You will find hundreds of tattoo template in all styles on many themes.

TATTOODESIGNSTOCK.com is the new image bank specialized in tattoo design. We offer tattoo artists as well as individuals many creations through our ebooks and tattoo model in digital format.

All creations on TATTOODESIGNSTOCK.com are available at any time for high quality download. These drawings are all original imagined and created by our team Maingriz Tattoo Design.

We stay here to inspire the world of tattooing through our works ...



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