Tattoospot application for tattooists

Designed BY and FOR tattoo artists, Tattoospot will save you time!

• Registration and free plan

• Diary + appointment booking

• Managing your contacts / customers

• Personalized link to subscribe to your contact list

• Sending your availability ultra-simplified

• Automatic sending of Tattoo aftercare advice sheet

• And lots of other tools for tattoo artists...

With Tattoospot, you manage your business easier and faster to stay focus on the essentials, “TATTOO”.You’ve got a real tool with powerful features:

Calendar, appointment, sending your availability to all your contacts / customers.

Agenda / appointments: book an appointment in a few seconds, add images and all the information necessary to prepare your tattoo session in peace.

Campaigns: you build up your customers list and notify them in less than 30 seconds as soon as you have a free time slot, a new tattoo design available or even to announce the arrival of a Guest Artist in your shop!




Keaps from Mexico is one of the first Tattoospot ambassadors

Norman Shovel from France is one of the first Tattoospot ambassadors

Lewis Holmes from United Kingdom is one of the first Tattoospot ambassadors







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