"CREATE YOUR SLEEVE" - digital pack by Tattooists

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We give you Hundreds of Possibilities
to create your own sleeve tattoo,
Right Now  ! 

Best original sleeve tattoos created by tattoo artists

"Set yourself apart from the crowd with more inspiration!

With a unique sleeve tattoo, created by you…"

Why don't we see Amazing full sleeves on every tattooed person ?
Because a complete arm is built with a real composition entirely on paper and cannot be improvised.

Quality drawings are always at the core of the most beautiful tattoos.
A creative sleeve or half-sleeve tattoo must be designed upstream with quality tattoo designs.

Don't overlook this step because it will be too late afterwards to replace elements of your tattoo. All the drawings in this pack were made by professional tattoo artists and designers.

custom your own sleeve tattoo from scratch by tattoodesignstock

create your amazing custom sleeve tattoo online by tattoodesignstock.com



It’s so easy and quick... After downloading this SLEEVE TATTOO PACK, you have to simply pick tattoo designs, print the elements by changing the sizes if necessary and cutting them out to put them together.

Your Sleeve Mockup only takes a few minutes to be completed...

*** Here’s a tip for you! You can also print the drawings directly on transparent paper and then place all the elements put together directly onto your arm. It's also possible to bring this pack to your Tattoo Artist and he will help you to make it.

The tattoo artist will help you when drawing the tattoo to adapt the positioning of the elements according to your morphology.

***The drawing and the sizes can be modified by the tattoo artist
create your  amazing custom sleeve tattoo design online



In this digital book you will find many tattoo sketches in high resolution.

80 pages of tattoo design references created by Maingriz's Artists.

- Realistic black and grey roses

- Nice woman's faces ( catrina, santa muerte, clown, native American )

- Skulls (Sugar skull, realistic, indian )

- Realistic diamonds, hourglass, clock, hands praying, crowns, banners and clouds effects...

- Original owls, tigers, lions

- Chicano alphabets -  lower case / capitals, chicano numbers

- Californian black and grey eyes

- Originals cherubs

- Amazing feathers, originals arrows, master mandala pieces, originals dreamcatchers, sexy linework roses

- Mockup for create your sleeve or half sleeve ( upper arm + forearm )


This new SLEEVE TATTOO PACK is available in digital format for high quality downloading for Tattoo Shops and customers.

Once the order has been placed, you will immediately receive an email with a link to download the document.



So...Let's Get Some Ink !!!
create your custom sleeve tattoo design




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